Monday, 11 May 2009


Set off on Friday lunchtime and by the time I got to Ely it was really windy and after nearly becoming a kite when putting up the garden I abandoned the idea of putting up the awning but managed to put it up in the morning as the wind had dropped, it was great having the extra room and when it got really hot on Sunday it was somewhere nice to shelter from the sun for the dogs.

I've come to the conclusion that Suzi really hates camping and isn't happy when we go away so I've decided not to take her again, luckily I haven't booked anything until September and between now and then there are only day shows. She spent most of the time sitting on her cushion looking miserable and when it came to agility she was very slow and not at all like she's been lately. I know I've started to get frustrated with her not listening and even though I sound like I don't know what I want I think I prefer her mad and happy than accurate, slow and miserable so if you hear me moaning about her doing her own thing please remind me what I've said here.

Tom got 2 clear rounds on Saturday in Helter Skelter and Agility and while I was really happy with this I couldn't get over a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right with him as he seemed really slow. People watching said he wasn't but I really though he was measuring the jumps but forgot to get anyone to video us which was stupid. In his agility I tried to work his dog walk wide as I wanted to recall him over the next jump to get a reverse in to turn him to the A frame which was parallel with the dogwalk, he got a nice contact but getting ahead of him slightly meant that his nose went down and he wasted loads of time and finished in 43 seconds, the winning time in his grade was 36 seconds so to be honest he wasn't actually as slow as I thought. Yesterday wasn't so good as we had the big E in jumping as although I thought I'd called him early enough I think I may have just said his name rather than any directional as he went straight ahead into a tunnel rather than turning right. His agility was much better as I remembered to say left and right but we got some faults as he got a really good weave entry but I think something twinged as he came out after a couple and went for a sniff. Lovely contacts all weekend and no problem with stopping on the top of the A frame.

Dudley gave me and the judge the biggest laugh of the weekend in his grade 6/7 jumping yesterday - the course could have almost been designed by Leah with lots of reverse turns backwards and forwards to parallel jumps (hope that makes sense) and I was looking forward to running it but wasn't expecting him to go very fast as it was so hot. Well he got to the collapsy tunnel and I thought he'd got stuck as I could just see a writhing ball of cloth when suddenly he appeared, on his back, having a lovely roll which carried on as he wriggled out. Have to say that both the judge and I dissolved into laughter and she said it was a shame the photographer wasn't there, I carried on but laughing for the rest of the course and chuckling to myself all the way back to the van. I can always rely on Dudley to make me look a fool.

I had the day off today and had booked Tom and Dudley in to see Julia at Galen who found that both of them had some sore bits which she treated so hopefully I will super fast dogs again at the weekend but looking at them I don't somehow think so as the are both flat out fast asleep.

Not only did I have nice cold wine at the weekend but nice cold Pimms with ice, lemon and mint - Summer is definatley here but may have now been and gone.

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