Wednesday, 6 May 2009

For the first time....

since competing with Suzi I lost my temper with her in the ring, this was in a boxed pairs class which I should never have entered as I hate them as the rules are always different but that should have been easy to do but she would just not take any notice of where I was telling her to go. I've never lost my temper with her in the ring and I'm determined never to do it again but I was so frustrated with her from her jumping round that rather than doing what I always tell other people to do, forget that round and move on to the next, I let it build up and it burst out when for the third time she'd missed her weave entry and our pair had to come and take over who then missed the entry and we had to take over. I didn't do any harsh handling or anything but I did shout 'SUZI, FOR GOD'S SAKE BLOODY LISTEN TO ME' which was bad enough.

The reason I was so frustrated was the in her jumping we had just the tunnel and a jump to go clear and probably into the placings when she cut across in front of me, nearly tripping me up, to back jump the long jump, of all things, and this was dispite me saying 'tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, TUNNEL'. Things seem to be getting worse with us and it's so hard to replicate it at training as she doesn't run the same on the indoor surface as she does on grass and at the moment she's getting faster and faster and more confident about being away from me which should be a good thing! In her agility I was determined to stay up beat which I did even though she once again missed her weaves and THEN going flat out into a pipe tunnel she obviously felt that I wasn't committed enough as she stopped dead and backed out and THEN missed her down contact on the dogwalk. If I didn't know better I would say that this is all deliberate

Dudley was especially barky and bitey in his jumping and after he came out of the weaves to get me I made him sit for a second before carrying on which didn't really make much difference and he'd forgotten by the time we did agility although he did go clear which was the only one I had from 7 runs (I had 5 E's and 2 with faults as Dudley got time faults)

I don't think Thomas was 100% on Sunday as he sat on the top of the A frame for a while and was quite sniffy but he did two sets of 12 weaves which was an achievement and worked well in his jumping.

I'm at Godmanchester at the weekend for out first camping show and I'm really looking forward to it even if the agility has lost it's appeal at the moment.

We've has some news at work that has put a bit of a downer on things at the moment as they are closing the Westerham office in August and we are all relocating to Bracknell in Berks which is 50 miles away and on a good run takes about an hour but on a bad M25 morning, most of them really, can take two and a half hours. I'm going to stick with it for the time being as they are going to be paying my mileage for the first year.

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