Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I'm not usually one to write my own blog entries, after all I am a dog, BUT I just felt that I had to come on and put a request on for a new handler.

Despite all my training and time spent trying to make her understand that she needs to get her timing sorted out she insists on handling me as if she's never been told how to do things (and I've heard Mac tell her the same thing for the last three weeks so know this isn't true) She knows that running to things and then waiting for me then running off doesn't work but she still does it WHY? She knows that if she gets ahead of me I just have to put my nose down and have a sniff but she still does it WHY?

Plus how can she expect me to do my weaves when she puts her big behind right in the way so I can't even see the weaves let alone go in them.

So please, please someone come and take over from her she is truely bad no wonder Dudley used to bite her ankles all the time.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bits and bobs

Thought I'd better up date my blog as it's been nearly a month.

Tom's training is going well and I'm finding that I'm pushing him a bit more to achieve weave entries and contacts, this doesn't always work but things are definately improving and if I could get my timing a bit better I think the sniffing may decrease too.

At Suffolk Five Rivers he got 6th place in both his agility classes, I was very pleased with this I know where we lost time and hopefully working over the winter I can speed up his contacts. His jumping classes were at the end of the day and I think that I queued for too long with him as he was extra sniffy in both.

I've booked a holiday in the New Forest so we are going to chill out and have lots of walks and I've even booked a couple of private agility lessons so it's going to be fun. With luck I will come back relaxed and ready for anything. This will be the first holiday I've had since 2005, I don't include agility shows as holidays and they seem to fill up the stress glass most of the time :)

Suzi has had her dew claws removed as they used to grow really quickly and curl right round, Dad came down one day to find her with a claw caught in her collar which made us make up our mind to do it. At the vet they said that she might take a while to heal properly but it's only been just over a week and you can hardly see where they had been and if she wasn't bald there you wouldn't know at all. The only side effect is that when she tries to hump Tom she slides off as I think she used these claws to really hold on. Tom doesn't mind this side effect but I think it frustrates her :)

I'm are off to Shrewsbury show at the end of the month which is my last KC show of the year, at the moment. A friend and I have rented a cottage that will allow 7 dogs so we are making a weekend of it.

I have some training clinics coming up too so will try and get someone to take some pictures.
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