Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Where has that 10 months gone?!

Tyler is now 10 months old and continues to grow upwards but not outwards much.

I've not done much agility training with him past a 6 week puppy course where we started contacts, going on to a toy and running through realy wide channel weaves to a toy. I have also taken him on 5 foundation workshops, 3 were excellent, 1 was good but a bit advanced I think and 1 was not so good but the thing I have learned is that everyone has a different idea of what is puppy foundation :)

The 3 that were excellent were what my idea of foundation work is, lots of play with some waits, tunnels and more play and helping your puppy understand what you want it to do. They were great fun for everyone and the puppies weren't asked to do too much so had time to rest and take it in between exercises.

He's now got to the 'teenage' stage and can be a bit naughty sometimes with his recall and Tom and Suzi get a bit fed up with him and try to tell him to calm down which just makes him worse but all in all they get on really well and make a good little group.

This is my favourite picture of him at the moment, it was taken when we were on holiday on October and he was having fun with his mates the 'bananas'.

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