Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Woo Hoo I'm off to agility boot camp - really looking forward to it but sorry that people have had to pull out due to injuries.

I'm also going slightly senile I think - I got to training last night, opened the car and realised I'd left Suzi behind luckily I had Tom in the car so ran him.

Monday, 1 June 2009

UKA Walton on Thames

I'm very pleased will all of my dogs as they all worked their little socks off for me on Saturday even though it was very hot and a very long day, don't know why but UKA classes seem to take so much longer than KC classes. The venue is lovely though and day parking was just by the rings so no long hikes and the refreshments were the best I've seen with jacket pots, tortilla wraps and baguettes I just hope the rumours aren't true that the venue wont be available next year.

Dudley caught me out by being much faster than anticipated with little barking and no biting in his senior jumping and we got an E but in his agility, even after being stopped half way as the clock had stopped and then waiting around while the fixed it, he got a 4th. Suzi was a bit strange in her agility as for some reason she completely failed to see the dog walk that I was pointing at and prceeded to run at right angles from me in a completely straight line and towards the finish but she did get her contacts, eventually. When it came to her jumping I couldn't fault her and even with a bit of very dodgy handling, because I couldn't get to do the reverse I wanted, she came 2nd and I know where we lost the time so I wasn't too upset about not getting the red one.

I'm so pleased with Tom's jumping round as there was no sign of a sniff and his weaves were better than I could have asked for, the course went jump, flat tunnel, jump, weaves I'd done a front cross over the first jump then sent him into the tunnel just at that moment the wind blew the tunnel open so he just kept going and before I'd even got past the opening of the tunnel was heading for the next jump and then the weaves - I stayed calm and called 'Tom, weaves' and the little darling went straight in and kept going and luckily I was able to catch up as he came out to turn him at the end then managed to get on the wrong side from where I wanted to be into the pipe tunnel so just shouted 'RIGHT' and he did finished the course and came 2nd. The right turn out the tunnel was a bit wide which is where we lost the time but I wasn't worrying about that. He did some really nice stuff in his agility, straight into and through the weaves, lovely fast A frame and dog walk, seesaw was a bit slow but something we can work on but we had a slight deviation out of the ring towards the food van which I think was mainly because I forgot to say right at the end of the opening straight so he just carried on then got a bit distracted.

I was supposed to go again yesterday but woke up with a thumping headache and as it was supposed to be hotter than Saturday I decided to stay at home and take them for a short walk then go and see Dad and sit in his garden. The short walk was nice and would have been better if Tom hadn't found someone's panty liner in the bushes and decided to eat it so now I'm watching every poo to make sure it comes out again.

I'm really looking forward to Nancy and Leah's Boot Camp at the weekend as even though I'm just doing a couple of clinics I'm hoping they will let me sit and watch the lessons they are giving to their victims, oops sorry, willing pupils as I find I sometimes learn and retain more by watching other people.
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