Sunday, 17 May 2009


Seeing as this is supposed to be Spring it was bloody cold at BATS on Saturday but luckily not too wet, I'd decided that if it was raining when I got up I wasn't going to go but it was dry so I crawled out of bed and went.

Suzi was back to wild but in the 3-4 agility we managed to keep it all together with a slight blip when I couldn't get where I wanted to for a reverse turn and she headed towards the A frame but I managed to get a call in and a scooped her into the weaves and she was clear and eventually came 5th which I was a pleased as punch with. Tom was a bit hesitant on his contacts and I lost him behind me during a turn and his nose went down and he sniffed for a bit but did lovely weaves and finished with just 5 faults. The 3-4 jumping course was a bit more challenging and I messed up by trying to cross behind Suzi in the weaves, I think it would have worked in a straight line but we were coming off a turn, she then flew the next bit and came out of the pipe tunnel so fast that we collided when I forgot to say steady to get her to do a push through after that it went a bit pear shaped (think she blamed me for the collision) but she looked like she was having fun. Tom had to do the same course and I stupidly tried the same thing in the weaves as I thought it wouldn't hurt to try as I wasn't expecting to get him round. It was a huge mistake as he went for a mighty sniff but when he came back he flew round the next part and I couldn't catch him where I wanted to do a recall over a jump and he just went straight to the finish line.

I didn't run Tom in the Olympia but did run Suzi and think going from one ring to the next doesn't work with her as she was quite slow but did get a clear so 2 out of 2 dog walk contacts HURRAH.

Dudley had 2 runs and although he wasn't too bitey he was gobby and we ended up with an E is agility when he just ignored me when I wanted him to go in the wrong end of the tunnel, jumping - well apart from some really awful handling he didn't do too badly even though we got a refusal at a jump that he just stopped in front of, think I stopped dead to move across for a front cross, and a refusal in the weaves after once again I was in the wrong place and tried to cross behind him, don't know what I was thinking as I've never been able to do it with him. I'd walked it keeping my bum in to the jump but run it by stepping back - RUBBISH HANDLER

Much prefer Suzi wild but think i may have to lose weight and get a bit fitter if she'd going to carry on like this.

I did have one question though - what is it about agility people when even though it was freezing cold and nearly blowing a gale the ice cream van seemed to have a good day :)

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I'm Helen said...

YOu should know by now that it is ALWAYS either freezing at Luton or baking (not unlike Newbury). So well done for braving it up on that hill. h

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