Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ups and Downs of agility

Whilst I know I'm not the best handler in the world I do try but today I felt that I was just useless when running Suzi and Dudley over their jumping course that needed some thinking about but was quite nice.

I'd arrived at 9.30 as none of the dogs had a class first in the ring and Tom's agility was first, I stupidly joined a queue that was too long and not helped by the fact that the caller was 'taking anyone' in a class of 112 and the fact that the sun came out today and it was boiling. To give him is due he didn't switch off completely but I think he may have got a bit warm, I'm thinking of clipping his chest and tummy if the predicted hot summer actually happens, as the round didn't seem that fast and he was very slow on the downs of his contacts. I had to lure him down his A frame! Weaves, though, well he didn't even hesitate and did all 12, there was no sniffing and as usual he did a really good go on to the finish. I checked his time and he was about 9 seconds off the lead which was disappointing but I really think most of that was lost on the contacts but he had gone clear and the jumping bits were nice and tight and in control so I was chuffed to bits and he eventually finished in 11th place so 'that'll do Tom'.

It got hotter and hotter and by the time my first run with Suzi came round I just couldn't seem to concentrate or actually remember where to go and put her back over a jump we'd already done and eliminated her, she was panting a bit which was concerning me but she speeded up and I tried to run her better but just couldn't and poor Dudley suffered worse as I was clear until 18 then did the reverse I wanted to but then completely missed 19.

I know it was probably a cop out but I decided not to run their other classes as I just didn't feel that I could put my all into it and it wouldn't have been fair on any of them. I haven't felt well for a while and think I really must make an appointment at the doctor.

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