Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Suzi - training 09/03

She was quite wild last night, not sure what got into her but I'm hoping that she has the same speed at the weekend with a little more control:)

Two things I really need to watch are, not saying her name then running off as she tends to follow me and miss out any equipment in the way and not saying 'Go on' when she's looking in another direction to where I want her to go.

I've been using a flannel to try and get her to run right down her dogwalk with varying degrees of success, as she was tending to jump it Wendy suggested that we used it more as a stride regulator than a target so we put it at the top of the contact which seemed to work until last night when she decided that she was going to target it which is what I wanted in the first place, Oh the frustration, I'm never having another bitch to do agility with they are too clever by half and have a huge sense of humour.

She struggles with the weaves at Fordcombe because of the surface as usually there are big holes where the bigger/faster dogs have dig it up on their way through and even if we keep filling in the holes she doesn't really get much speed up, hopefully once we get onto sand and then grass she will speed up like she started to do at the end of last season.

Looking forward to Mid Downs and Chippenham at the weekend but I have to admit to not expecting much success as I think Dudley is going to be in a biting mood, Suzi will probably says it's too cold and I'm not sure what Tom will do at all.

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