Monday, 16 March 2009

Mid Downs and Chippenham

Well not quite the results I was hoping for, I managed 2 clear rounds over the whole weekend but in Tom's last run of the day yesterday we managed to get round without an elimination.

Some of the courses at both shows were different if nothing else and being judged by someone yesterday who didn't think they needed to make some sort of effort to look like the judge plus felt judging most of the course looking through the A frame was fine was a bit weird but on the whole I enjoyed all the courses and my dogs had some really good bits in all their runs. Poor Dudley only had 2 runs yesterday and as the first one was at 5pm and he wasn't overly keen I decided not to wait for his last class as I had a 130 mile drove back.

Suzi had a fantastic run yesterday and I was over the moon until I found out that she'd missed the last of 6 weaves, I was still pleased as it was a great run but disappointed because I didn't notice that she'd done it. I did the same course with Tom and although we got eliminated, in the weaves, I was really pleased with the rest of it.

Tom was very sniffy all weekend and also unsure on his seesaw, I really babyed him round his last run yesterday and managed to get round with only 5 faults when he ran past the weaves but he came back and did a love set so hopefully he will suddenly grow out of it (fingers crossed)

Suzi mananged to get all her dog walk contacts this weekend too and Dudley got one of the clears although thinking back he was a bit sniffy too so I hope he's not going to take over from Tom. Hopefully when we get outside there wont be quite the temptation as there is indoors.

Oh and Andy they haven't changed the surface at Chippenham so you made the right decision :)

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Lian said...

Good to see you at Chippenham, managed to see Tom and Suzi's ran. They are looking good.

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