Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dudley at Crufts

Dudley has had a very long and busy day being a great ambassador for the Border Terrier breed, anyone who only knows him from agility will not believe this as they have probably only ever seen him biting my ankles and possibly trying to eat all the collies at the show. Today he walked from the carpark and through the halls without a second glance at any of the other dogs and spent the day making a huge fuss of all the people who came to the stand, he didn't get impatient with all the hands that wanted to stroke him and was quite happy to kiss anyone that wanted it, I was so proud of him and to show him this I bought him a a Ruffwear Swamp cooler for when we get the hot summer this year, then to really show him how proud I was I trimmed his nails and took one too close and made it bleed, boy did I feel bad.

I didn't get to see any agility today as the Arena was a long way from Hall 3 and I didn't like to leave Duds for too long even though the other people on the stand looked after him while I had a quick walk round, I had an hour but only managed 2 halls but was very good and didn't spend much money other than to buy Thomas a new harness as stupidly I left his other one in his cage while he was in it and he chewed the catches. He's done this before so I should have known better.

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Lian said...

Glad Dudley likes all the fuss. I know he is a very loving dog when not doing agility!

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