Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bad Leah

She scared my dog so badly last night that she will never go on the dog walk again or Suzi will do anything to avoid getting her contacts and using Leah as an excuse was the best one yet.

It was a case of 'Oh my God someone is running next to the dog walk, I've never had this happen before' and then flatly refusing to go up it and then crying when I touched her to encourage her and getting everyone to look.

This little, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, dog is a monster who gets the boys into trouble all the time and plays the 'poor little rescue dog card' at every opportunity and should be exposed to the world for the little madam she is instead of everyone saying I'm lying. One day I will get video evidence and you will all have to admit that I was right all along. If she didn't look cute in pink coats I would disown her altogether and possible trade her in for a sheltie or even a collie.

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