Monday, 2 March 2009

The hidden costs of agility

We all know the cost of agility such as entry fees, petrol and training but what about all those little things that we buy like liver, to make supadupa treats, toys, to ensure the dog loves agility, poo bags, obvious that one, that special food that we just know is going to give our dog that extra edge not to mention the cod liver oil tablets for the handlers so they don't creak so much well I have another one to add to the list - Sports Bras.

Now I'm not one of those lucky people that doesn't need support in that department, I would love to be able to run without worrying that if the support isn't enough I'll end up with two black eyes, I blame my mother for this but have got used to it and after years of trying to find a really good bra I discovered, what a great site for those of us of the well endowed variety. Well I duly went on there today to order a new bra for the coming season and bought my usual one without really thinking until I realised that I could have another 18 RUNS at shows for the amount it cost! I don't begrudge myself this small, well not that small, thing and I know I'm going to need it but boy am I glad I'm not writing down every cost I'm paying out for agility as I think I would probably give up right now.

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leah gardner said...

i know what you mean!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha or not!

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