Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Best laid plans......

Last night Dudley was supposed to have a bath in preparation for his trip to Crufts on Saturday, I was going to do it last night so he wasn't too fluffy on the day BUT I phoned a friend to talk about what shows we were going to do this year and 84 minutes later after a long discussion about the merits of various shows and the fact that camping was already full at loads of them and moaning about the fact that my broadband wasn't working I decided that 9 o'clock was too late to bath him to ensure he was dry before he went to bed (if he goes to bed damp his hair sticks up all over the place and other dogs laugh at his bad hair day) so now he'll have to be done tomorrow as I'm training tonight which will mean he's very fluffy and wont look like a proper Border Terrier at all.

Poor Suzi got blown into Dad's pond last night, well Dad can only assume she was blown in as it's not somewhere she will go voluntarily, and came indoors looking like a drowned rat. While I did feel sorry for her I have to admit I did laugh this morning when he told me which didn't go down very well with either of them.

I'll be in Hall 3 on Saturday if anyone is about, you'll know me by the fluffy terrier on the Border Terrier Discover Dogs stand.

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