Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Took Tom to the G1-3 show at WAG on Sunday with Wendy and Woody, it's really nice to have just the one dog to run and walk as I left Duds and Suzi at home with Dad. I love the venue as it's close to the sea and we have a lovely walk at lunch time.

Amanda Pigg was judging and had set some really nice courses with long straight finishes so lots of running for me but it meant that I could keep Tom going and hopefully avoid his nose going down. His agility run was lovely and apart from a glitch in the weaves and an almighty leap from the A frame made me feel that this season may be a success after all. I wasn't too worried about the A frame as at training a couple a weeks ago he kept stopping on the the top and when we did the accumulator he ran right to the bottom, I was more worried about the weaves as in each class he got the entry but then came out. I'm not going to stress about it but am not sure what the problem is, whether it's me or the environment or just Tom.

I worked really hard on making sure that I was behind him throughout the course and I really feel that this helped to stop his nose going down and the only time I got ahead of him, in the helter skelter, he got a sniff of something and actually found something to eat, but once I got his toy out of my pocket and back behind him he shot off like a bullet.

His finishes were amazing as he had no problem powering ahead of me 5 jumps to the finish and didn't slow down or look back at me until I shouted 'YEAH' in a breathless but pleased way when he'd gone over the last jump, I would have been a bit buggered if there had been a pull through at the end but Hey we'll cross that bridge when we come to it at least I know that when I start to slow down at the finish he doesn't.

All in all it was a very positive day and if I can keep from getting a weave complex with him I'll be even happier.

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