Monday, 17 November 2008

C Side

Off we went to C side with liver and liver cake and all three dogs tucked up in their new cages and prepared for whatever weather there might be. The first surprise, a nice one, was the exercise was in a different field and not too muddy the second was that Tom’s agility course started with the weaves. It was nice course and I was looking forward to running it, Tom started off really well, focused and keen but, unfortunately, after turning right over number 7 to turn back into a tunnel he went lame. I thought he’d put his nose down to sniff so went ‘Tom, Tom, Tom’ but the poor little bugger was on three legs and came hopping over to me looking very sorry for himself, he didn’t cry which surprised me as he’s a bit of a wimp and usually screams the place down if he hurts himself. The judge and I both had a look and a feel but couldn’t see what he’s done so I carried him out and back to the car where he actually put weight on his leg but later on he was hopping on the other leg, when I got home last night I gave him a bit of a massage and think the problem may be in his back as I found a very tender spot so he’s booked to see the vet and the massage lady later in the week.

After that it was a long wait for the afternoon classes and running the other two, luckily it wasn’t cold or wet and there was three trade stands so I bought new fleecy coats and harnesses for Tom and Dudley and saw a very fetching pink teddy bear outfit that would have suited Suzi down to the ground but Leah said that if I bought it I would be banned from training.

Eventually the open classes started which meant lots of dashing about with Dudley and Suzi and a bit of panic as I thought I was going to miss Suzi’s jumping while I was queuing with Dudley. I think the open courses were great even the agility that had a twiddly bit with a long send into the weaves with the added trap of coming back past the jumps we’d already done. Suzi was flying round the course but I was working so hard trying to prevent her back jumping that I put her in the second weave so ended up with 5 faults. Dudley did a cracking jumping round and was also working well in the agility until the weave entry when he had to have a bark and a bite but after I got him in he worked the rest really well.

Jason was busy working so I also ran my first ever large dog and worked Shy in the jumping and agility, she’s such a good girl and ran nicely for me but I managed to get to Es but really enjoyed it. Don’t think I’ll be getting a large dog any time soon though, couldn’t possibly walked courses with so many other people.


Lian said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Hopefully nothing too serious with Thomas. Extra cuddles from us.

Karen said...

Hope Thomas is ok, if I was there I would have helped you smuggle the pink suit to the car without Leah seeing it lol lol xxxx

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