Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Suffolk Five Rivers

What a great show this is, the venue is nice and level with a lovely running surface and the loos were magically kept stocked with loo roll, paper towels and soap (I didn't once see anyone in them stocking them up so it was a bit spooky that every time I went in they were clean and well stocked - Think I may be getting a bit obsessed with loos!)

It was Dudley's first Grade 6 show and I have to say that I was really nervous about it which was silly really as everyone in the queue were the same people we've been queueing with all year. All his classes were graded over the weekend and the lovely show committee had decided to place to at least 10th however many dogs there were in the class this meant that he managed to get placed in all his classes. In fact I came home laden with rosettes as Tom and Suzi were placed too.

Tom still had some weave issues on Saturday but got all his contacts and only got eliminated due to my over zealous use of 'out' in his agility causing him to go right round and back jump and then I forgot to say left at the end of his jumping so he went straight on and over the finish. On Sunday I used his power and speed class to work on his weaves as he just kept going straight past as if he hadn't seen them. He did a lovely clear round in agilty and came 5th, he was going great guns in his jumping until I sent him into the tunnel and got myself into just the right position to work a snake from behind when I realised that he hadn't come out of the tunnel, looking back I saw that he was having a good sniff but he came out when I called and carried on to do 12 weaves and finish clear. He hadn't done anything in the tunnel as the judge could see him all the time and it became clear that quite a few other dogs had done the same thing so there was obviously something really exciting to sniff in there. He finished about 5 seconds behind the leader but must have wasted at least that which was very encouraging.

The weather was glorious but chilly at night and on Saturday we prepared outselves for the Led Zepplin tribute concert that was scheduled but I have to say that we were pleasantly suprised to discover that even though we were parked quite close to the venue we could sit outside and still hear each other talk and I managed to go to bed and sleep before they had finished, in fact it was less intrusive that the disco at Aylesbury.

Can't wait to go again next year :)

The weekend was only marred by the very sad loss suffered by Bernadette and Dennis when the beautiful Hex passed away on Thursday, my thoughts are with them at this awful time as I'm sure are those of the whole agility community.

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