Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Happy waits

A training last night I really wanted to work on getting 'happy' waits with Suzi as she tends to cringe and creep when I ask her to wait at a show. I've been doing the 1,2,3 GO with her when we go for walks and doing it with all three dogs so they all charge off as soon as I say Go, this has not always worked as they only one I've got with a really solid wait is Tom who sits like a good boy until I say Go even if the other two have gone on 2 :)

Not sure if it was the happy waits we were doing or the full moon but she was really up for training last night and didn't slow down even towards the end which was was great especially as we were doing some quite intense stuff including TWO tunnels under/near the dogwalk. She was a star and didn't put a foot wrong although she did get a bit erratic with her contact when I had to run wide around the tunnel. Something to work on there methinks.

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