Monday, 21 July 2008

Happy Birthday Dudley - 7 today

He doesn't really do happy, smiley face but to me he's the most handsome boy on the agility circuit.

This was taken at Aylesbury last year.

I can't believe that it was 7 years ago today that I got that fateful text saying 'the puppies are coming'. I remember going to see him at a week old and he looked like a little mole.

He may be an ankle biter and even though he has his silver Good Citizen award he doesn't really do what I tell him he's still my little man and I wouldn't be without him.


Lian said...

Happy Birthday Dudley!! Hope your mum spoils you rotten! Lots of sloberry kisses from your sheltie friends xxx

Karen said...

Ahh sorry missed this one !! happy belated birthday Dudley, xx

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