Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ow that hurts

Took Tom and Suzi to see Julia at Galen Therapy this morning and I always love going there as she's so calm and soothing with the dogs and will always have a chat about the silliest things with me.

Tom was first and although he's not broken he had some very sore bits on his shoulders and back which needed quite a bit of work and at points Tom made his feelings known but having a quick bite of the hand that was doing the good, nothing serious just a gentle gnaw to say 'Ow that hurts'. You could see that he really loved the massage as he had a silly faraway look on his face for most of the time and when she'd finished and was looking at Suzi he kept trying to push in. The sore bits probably haven't been caused by doing agility but as he's a bit wild when off the lead and likes to tug his lead when on he could have done it with twisting and turning and general doggyness but is very probably the reason why he's stopped weaving and may be the reason why he's not going when I say, bit like us getting out of the car after driving home from a show bit sore but OK once we get going. He's going back in a fortnight for another treatment and I will probably not run him this weekend just to let things settle down and then try him at Aylesbury at the beginning of August. Suzi, on the other hand, had nothing wrong with her at all so no excuse for last weekend at all :) Suzi is the one with potential for problems as she's the one that leaps off the back of the chair like a cat but has such good muscle tone and conformation that she just lands like a cat and takes off at warp factor 10.

Tom slept all the way home in the car then bounded out like a loon when we got home which wasn't what he was supposed to do and luckily I caught him in mid air, jumping out of the car puts the most strain on dog's shoulders much more than going round an agility course as they are usually cold when the do it so I'm going to make more effort to lift him out rather than let him launch himself into space. I have a ramp that I'm going to try and remember to take to shows too.

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