Sunday, 20 July 2008

You know those days when you put your dog on the start line look down and know that you should probably just put their lead back on and leave the ring as however you handle them in the ring, if you suddenly became Bernadette or Leah you KNOW that your dog is going to a)make you look as if you've never trained them and b)go completely deaf? Well yesterday was one of those days with Suzi, in her first class we had to do the weaves twice and she got eliminated at both sets then further on I crossed behind her to pull her left and even told her left so she turned right and even at the finish, which was a straight line, she completely ignored the last jump turned right and started to go round again I just stood there with my mouth open and hoped that a hole would open up and swallow me and I could't even pretend I was a grade 1 handler as it was a 4-5 class. She then went on to completely ignore me when I needed to do a push through, cutting behind me to back jump then went on to do the rest really well. In her agility I may take some of the blame for her not doing a pull through but only a little bit as I turned my shoulders, employed the Obay finger and stepped back but she still went over the next jump the wrong way 'friends' tell me I didn't give her enough room but for gawds sakes she's tiny :) She did get all her contacts however so even with 3 Es I could go home with something positive.

Dudley was my little star and came 5th in his 3-5 jumping, the course was quite twisty and he's not the fastest dog but he does curl round the wings really well so we saved some time there and although he barked a lot he didn't try and bite me, unfortunately his agility was right at the end of the day and by then he'd given up so when I made a mistake and ended up where I didn't want to be we both went a bit flat and got the bit E.

Tom is still struggling with the weaves and I think he's having a bit of a crisis of confidence as he has suddenly started to not move when I say 'Go' and luckily his courses yesterday were ones where I could do a running start, we didn't get any clears but he got his contacts and did some lovely bits in his jumping courses so all in all I was pleased with him and in his agility there was a funny moment where as he was in the weaves a tuft of his own hair fell out and blew past him and he chased it making me and the judge laugh, thus showing he's still very much a puppy. He's going to the massage lady on Tuesday so hopefully if anything's hurting him she'll sort it out.

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