Sunday, 1 June 2008

UKA today

Went to the UKA show at Walton on Thames today and must say I like the venue even though there was a boot sale going on at the same time with some not very nice characters wandering about, luckily they didn't stop long after they were announced over the PA.

Both Suzi and Thomas got clear rounds in the steeplechase with Suzi coming 3rd, Thomas was cut up by his less than careful handler which caused a bit of a detour so was a tad slower and finised one out the placings (they placed to 4th). Suzi was really enjoying herself again at last. The jumping course was lovely but both Tom and Suzi were faulted at the weaves, Suzi because she started to go to have a look at the photographer and missed the entry and Tom because I paniced and didn't give him enough room so he ran straight past then had a quick sniff. They both carried on to finish really well. Dudley did a lovely clear in his jumping but not quick enough for a place which was a shame. Then we came to the Royal Canin Agility qualifier, Suzi went first which was lucky as I found some problems with the way I walked it but she still went clear even getting her dogwalk contact but I think I was a bit too forceful with the command and she was very slow for the next couple of jumps but speeded up a bit through the weaves and ended up with a lovely clear good enough for 3rd place. I changed my plan a bit to run Tom and decided to just say 'Go weave' and let him get on with it and worked about 3 feet away from him. The course went jump, dogwalk, jump, jump with just a slight turn into the weaves so I decided to try the 'Go' as he started to come down the dogwalk I didn't have to use the patented Obay finger as there were no pull throughs so no royalties going that way this weekend I'm afraid :)

This agility course was one of those that just seemed to go right, I was in the right place at the right time, I got all my commands out exactly as I wanted including lefts and rights and Tom worked his little socks off and finished the course 9 seconds faster than Suzi. I hung around for nearly 3 hours for the presentation and then missed it because I was too busy chatting to someone and couldn't really hear the PA from where we were, not only had Tom come 1st he was also the fastest toy dog of the day and qualified for the RC Final. I was so pleased as he'd beaten the novice, senior and champ dogs, let's just hope it's not as wet at the final this year.

I've now got two finals in June including the DARL one with Suzi so I'll be a nervous wreck by July.


OBay Shelties said...

big congrats to you and Tom for making the final!!!!

Karen said...

yaa, well done for making the final brilliant oh and if you would like to send me some pictures I could do a header for you too :0) if you would like x

Paula said...

That would be great, I'll sort some out and see if I can get some of him jumping.

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