Tuesday, 6 May 2008

So near and yet so far

Drove to Bristol yesterday as Severnside had a fully graded 1-5 show and I wanted to support them as you don't often get graded classes for the small and mediums.

The weather turned out much better than forecast and I set off at 5 and got there at 7.15 to find that judging didn't start until 9 which will teach me to read the schedule. I will post course plans later as they were really quite tricky and a really long way round.

Thomas was a good boy but due to a couple of hitches with handling and a huge sniffy bit just in the weaves that caught loads of dogs we didn't manage a clear and poor Suzi got really spooked by something in the agility which made me pull her out. Not sure what it was but it wasn't the equipment as it started about 5 jumps in.

Dudley didn't bite me although he did bark and managed to come 1st in his agility but also managed 1.22 time faults so no move up to grade 6 which is s shame but not something I'm that upset about even though I do say that id he gets into 6 I can retire him :)


Angela said...

...Yes it was a long way to go for us too - Cornwall! Harry too did the sniffing bit but added "leave the ring and roll around on the floor with kids and dogs, which where dotted around the rings!" well done anyway. Angela and Harry (chinese crested!)

Lian said...

Long way to go, long courses to run around, long day to finish!!

Tom worked really well in the agility class, the weave entry was superb! I am sure he will be winning soon!!

leah gardner said...

WOW! Well done Dud's!!!!!!
Well done paula, brillient result! Love Leah and the crew!!!!! xxxxx

Hudsondoglets said...

Well done to Dudley!

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