Sunday, 27 April 2008


Sevenoaks usually do ring party at Lewes and this year we had loads of us there which is always good as it means no one has to do more than one job at a time and you can run your dogs without feeling guilty.

Tom had 2 runs, Dudley 1 and Suzi 3 so not much dashing from ring to ring either. First run of the day was Tom's Grade 1-3 Agility and he was a really good boy doing fantastic contacts and weaves and no sniffing, unfortunatley I made a slight handler error where instead of saying left round I just said left and bless him he turned left and went in a straight line instead of an arc over the next jump then went on a bit of a detour but we only got 5 faults as I got him back without him going over another jump or anything.

Suzi did what I thought was a lovely clear on her 4-7 Agility until I went to check her time and she'd got 5 faults, I don't know where as I didn't see her miss a contact. Oh well better luck next time.

Dudley was really up for it and didn't bite me and in his 4-7 agility he would have been 4th but they only placed to 3 which is the down side of small medium classes.

Just before lunch I ran Tom in his 1-3 jumping, I put him on the line and he shuffled forward, I said 'Ah, Ah' and he shuffled back to where he started when he'd sat down again I did our '1,2,3 Go' and we were off. He worked so well and didn't even look if he was going to sniff. As you can see the course was quite straight forward but with a nice bit of handling near the start, once he went over number 9 I just shouted tunnel and he flew ahead of me into it before I'd even got to number 11. He got to the finish way before me too so I shouted 'Yeah' so he knew he was good. This is something Nancy suggested as when I say 'good' it can sound a bit hard and 'Yeah', in the same tones as the Fones 4 U advert, sounds more exciting. I went to check my time and he was in the lead but I didn't really think too much of that as there were 80 dogs entered and we had run quite early but at the end of the class I went back as I was hoping for a place and found that he'd held the lead and we had come 1st! I was so pleased with my little boy and loads of people congratulated me which was lovely.

I was on a high for the rest of the day as you can imagine.

Val Clark who judged the course has sent me her plan which just shows that my memory is even more crap than I thought :)


Hudsondoglets said...

Well done Paula & Thomas

Nancy & Andy

Val said...

It was a cloth tunnel Paula not a long jump. Cracking run.

OBay Shelties said...

Woo-hoo for Thomas (and Paula!)

From the OBay Shelties!

Paula said...

I thought it was Val then couldn't remember so opted for the long jump :)

Lian said...

Great job Paula and of course that handsome ginger Tom!! YEAH!!

Dan & Mac and their Dawgs said...

well done Paula & Thomas, that's brilliant, pleased for you!

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