Sunday, 11 May 2008


What a lovely show with a nice peaceful (apart from the dogs) venue and gorgeous weather. I went last year and it poured with rain all weekend but I liked the show and decided this year to camp. Thomas really likes going away in the camper he's so chilled out and loves just sitting in the garden watching the world go past and playing with Suzi and Dudley.

I had a fantastic show apart from the fact I've come home with a very red face even though I did put suncream on. Dudley was up for it and got a lovely clear on his 4-5 Jumping but got 5 faults in his agility when he leapt off the A frame. Today he went clear in both his agility and pairs classes but I think I may have to work on his waits though as all weekend he went on 'ready' instead of 'go'. I don't know what's come over him especially in this heat.

Suzi wasn't herself and only ran on Saturday morning where she practically walked round the course which isn't like her so I'm going to take her to the vet even though I only have a vague 'she's not 100%' and no real symptoms as she's been like this for a couple of weeks now.

Now to Thomas, as I've said he really likes camping and it seems to suit him as on Saturday he had 3 runs and got a clear in 1-3 helter skelter and 8th in 1-3 jumping and a 4th in 1-3 agility with not even a hint of a sniff. Today was still good but not quite as good as yesterday. His first run was 1-3 agilty and he did the best round I think we've done so far in competition and went into the lead and was there for most of the class, which was quite big with a 100 odd dogs, but was pipped at the last minute. I was quite disappointed but we got a trophy and a lovely rosette and I'm sure we'll get there eventually. I think I got a bit cocky in his power and speed as so far he hasn't missed a contact in competition so I was expecting this to continue and got a big shock when he missed his dog walk, that'll learn me wont it. In his pairs he got a big sniff on and thinking about it after the class it appeared that it was an evasion thing rather than a proper sniff and I came to the conclusion that he was tired even though he was still keen to work for me so I didn't do his jumping class and just let him and Dudley potter round the garden while I slowly cleared up.

It was nice to just sit and watch the dogs playing and didn't leave until about 5.30 when it was starting to cool down a little bit and got home just after 8. The dogs are crashed out and I'm about to go off to bed to think about all my runs and what I could have changed about them even though it's too late now.


OBay Shelties said...

Tom just wants to rack up those points before moving up! Well done! Smart of you to miss out a class since you thought he was tired. We should make a list of our favorite shows and why; although maybe not because then everyone would come! haha.

Lian said...

Well done Paula, I heard your name been called so many times with Tom!! I love to watch his run, he is so good when he didn't sniff, isn't he?

Lorna said...

Well Done on your places with Tom and I hope Suzi is ok.

Lorna x

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