Monday, 12 May 2008

Little Suzi

I took Suzi to the vet and if you've seen the advert with the dog that is super confident in the car and a quivering mess out of it you will know exactly what she looked like on the table plus she's very good at looking pathetic and she played to the crowd big time.

She had her temperature taken which was normal, heart and lungs listened to everything fine she even had her throat looked down and still nothing. The vet gave her an injection and some antibiotics and said she could be allergic to something or she could have a slight respiratory infection, if it was the former the improvement after the injection would be noticable by tomorrow but if the later she would have to finish the antibiotics before I'd notice much difference. Either way she's got to take the tablets for 4 days.

No training and no BATS for Suzi this week as I want her to get completely better before we do any more agility.

The boys are both fine and showing no sign of feeling under the weather.

1 comment:

Lian said...

Poor little Suzi, hope she feels better soon!! Sloberry kisses from her sheltie friends xxx

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