Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A thought and a question.....

How come Dudley who was a perfect angel at Crufts, never put a foot wrong, didn't eat any other dog including a whole row of collies on Saturday, wagged his tail all weekend, played with hundreds of children, didn't wander off when let off the lead around the stand, no one who met him will ever believe another word against come I can't get round an agility course at a show without feeling those terrier teeth attached to my ankles :)

I pondered on this all the way home on Sunday while he slept like a little baby looking as cute if not slightly cuter than Tom and could come up with nothing sensible other than perhaps I should trade him in for a sheltie or better still swap him for an Obay when the owner's least expect it, think I may have been a bit over tired at that point as the fact that he hasn't got a pointed nose may have got this manoeuvre noticed before I'd managed to run more than a couple of cars away.

Think I may try the shouting 'OW' and running out of the ring technique on Saturday see if it makes a difference, if not at least it'll give the judge something to laugh at.

Tom and Suzi are fun and great to have around, most of the time anyway, but Dudley is my little soul mate and if him having fun means my ankles feel the brunt of it I'd rather that than they way he was at the end of last season when he walked round most of the courses and seemed to be really hating it so perhaps the Obay owners wont need to watch their dogs quite so closely when I walk past.

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OBay Shelties said...

Believe me those OBay dogs are no angels! :-) Your ankles may be in danger with Dudley; but watch your fingertips when you are around my dogs! ;-)

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