Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Tom stayed with Dad while Dudley and I went to Crufts on Saturday and Sunday as he had been asked to be on the Border Terrier Discover Dogs stand.

Dudley was really good and spent the whole two days being touched, stroked and cuddled with his tail wagging all the time. Johnny Vaughan from Capital Radio came to the stand and made a real fuss of him and was rewarded with lots of kisses and wiggling.

We were both shattered by the end of the weekend and Duds spent all day yesterday fast asleep.

I managed to get to the arena to watch the Novice Cup on Saturday and saw Nancy's run with Niamh who wasn't naughty at all. My friend Tania had qualified with her small BT Tally and came 2nd, it was her first time at Crufts and I don't think she stopped smiling from start to finish.

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