Monday, 17 March 2008

Mid Downs

Don't think I've ever been to Ardingly on such a warm and pleasant day, well at least most of the day was warm and pleasant but it did start to rain in the afternoon but luckily all my runs were indoors.

The Grade 3-4 Agility was a really nice, flowing course but with enough handling to make it interesting but with no naggy bits which in my mind is what they should all be like but that's an arguement for another day and another place. I ran Suzi first and she was brilliant, really up for it but not over the top and she actually listened to me and got all her contacts, we had to do a pipe tunnel then straight in the weaves and out she zoomed and straight in getting a lovely clear in 27.31 seconds and was in the lead for a while but eventually ended up in 3rd place. The dog that came 2nd did it in 27.30 seconds so just shows how close the finishes can be. Thomas was also very good and was only slighly distracted but this caused us to miss the A frame completely so I carried on and he did the rest of the course lovely and managed the tunnel to weave entry with no problems but did pop out of the last one, I decided not to put him back in as I don't think it would have achieved anything.

The grade 3-7 jumping was a very fast blast and once again Suzi was great and got a really nice clear although quite a way off the pace but still pretty nippy. Thomas on the other hand just put his nose down and that was it. I think that the end where this ring was it the one they use as the collecting ring when they do showjumping and it was really stinky so I can't really blame him but it was quite embarrasing as I couldn't catch him and he wouldn't come to me.

Dudley's grade 5-7 agility was really naggy and I thought I was going to end up disappearing up my own backside at one point and although Dudley wasn't too bad it was not the sort of course that suits us as there were lots of potential ankle biting bits.

I'm hoping that Thomas outside will be easier than Thomas inside and that I will be able to chill out a bit and let him enjoy himself, I had a long talk with someone on Saturday afternoon and realised that for Suzi's first season she just had fun and if she went wrong it didn't matter and I just laughed which I've really got to do with Tom or neither of us are going to have much fun. This is going to be easier said than done as I know he can do it so well, the red mist comes down as soon as I'm on the start line and I don't know how to stop it even though I tell myself that I've not had him a year yet and he's only been training for about 6 months. I think it's the sniffing that gets to me as if he was off taking the wrong course and stuff but still doing the equipment I think I could probably laugh it off as this is what Suzi used to do but once he puts his head down I can't get him to even look at me let alone come back. Think I really might have to go for a large dog next time so my ankles and the ground are further away and less of a distraction :)

Enough of me feeling sorry for myself my little white one is going to be the star this year, I have the Rescue League final to look forward to and I'm going to try and qualify her for the UKA Royal Canin final and would love her to win into grade 5 by the end of the season.

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