Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter is coming

I can almost guarantee that the weather over the weekend will now be sunny, warm and dry because I have just spent a blooming fortune on new golfing waterproofs and a bright orange umbrella. I tried the jacket on and looked at the price and although expensive I thought it wasn't bad for the set but when I went to pay I realised that they were priced seperately by then I really liked them and thought 'what the hell if they are as good as they say I'll be snug, dry and warm for the next 3 years anyway' and to be fair he did give me some money off. I went for golfing ones as they are soft and don't rustle like the normal nylon ones which will hopefully mean they don't catch the attention of a certain terrier and I will also be able to move easier in them.

I'm on holiday next week which I'm really looking forward too as it means som long walks with the dogs and also some chilling in front of the telly.

If you see any Anzac biscuits when you are shopping grab them as they are really scrummy, they are a combination of butter, oats and golden syrup, at least the oats are good for you :)

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