Thursday, 20 March 2008


Last night was a sniff free night!!!

I have loads of video that I will be downloading over the next couple of days to prove that Tom does non sniff agility.

Weaves - last night I really wanted to see how solid his weaves were and the course we were doing gave me the opportunity to do that. I tried recalling him in from half way up - in he went, I sent him in and crossed behind - no problems, I pushed him hard through with shushing - speeded up and even managed to get him in the weaves after a long gap from the seesaw. I was as pleased as punch with him and he didn't miss one entry or pop out early. Next week I'm going to get someone to time him as he does them. I'm also going to time some dogs this weekend so I can compare his and Suzi's speeds as I'm interested to see how quick other dogs can get through so I've got something to work towards. If I find that they don't compare favourably I wont lose sleep over it but will try and do more work with them.

Contacts - Well Thomas got every one, I can't say the same for Dudley who seemed to take great pleasure in missing them all. I must be doing something different with Duds as he didn't used to leap off the dog walk like that. Thomas is getting much more confident on the seesaw too but I MUST STOP LOOKING AT HIM as this makes him creep like he was doing on the dog walk. I think it's because I've had 'keep your eye on your dog' drummed in so hard I forget you don't need to eyeball them to keep your eye on them.

Isn't it funny, not, when people say don't they go so much better when you tell them left and right. I know that they do but in the heat of the moment I have trouble remembering who I am let alone which way's left :)

Hopefully see some of you at Easter Celebration.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you. Thomas looks very very very nippy in training video. How was Easter Celebration?

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