Tuesday, 4 March 2008

C Side - 2nd March 2008

How lovely to go to Golden Cross and the weather be sunny and dry, the show was great as usual and the courses were nicely thought out and put together.

1-3 agility was first judged by Wendy Fassam who drew up a course that was lovely and flowing but with enough handling to make it interesting. I thought Tom might go and see her as he knows her but no problems there I don't think he even saw her. Due to some handler errors at the start he kept going round the first jump until I just did a running start. He got all his contacts and some really good bits but was still sniffy and not responsive to me calling him or catching him. On to the jumping which was also a lovely course but the rot had set in and he just ran past the start, after a really good wait, then proceeded to very much do his own thing although he did go into the weaves ahead of me and stayed in which made the whole thing worth it.

Suzi did a fantastic clear round in the 1-7 jumping even with some untidy handling but the timer didn't stop so we had to run again for time and she decided that she knew the course better and did some big loops and wrong jumps so we got a very slow time but she got a nice clear in the agility even managing to get her dogwalk contact which she usually decides needs jumping over.

Dudley enjoyed himself immensely which was nice but he jumped off the side of the dogwalk to bite my ankles and in the weaves got me just above the heel which must have looked worse as the judge asked me if I was all right. Not sure whether I'm pleased he's enjoying agility again or peed off that he's biting me.

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