Saturday, 1 March 2008

Blimey it's been nearly a week since updated Tom's blog, I'll be getting in trouble soon.

After my lesson last Sunday I've been working hard in trying to stay neutral and calm when Tom goes off sniffing at training or wont be caught when we are out. Wednesday night was not a great success, I kept very calm but the little bugger kept running off when I went to pick him up, I walked out of the school thinking he may follow me but he couldn't have cared less but was caught when he ran straight into the arms of Becky who scooped him up - he was not impressed:)

Friday we went to a training day with Toni Dawkins and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to it and even thought about taking Suzi in case Tom's nose went into overdrive as I love Toni's teaching BUT he was fantastic and even though he did have a few sniffing sessions he quickly came back and did some really good stuff. I was really pleased with his dog walk as he went right to the bottom every time. Toni had us recalling them over the dog walk and sending them over while we stopped at the first set of legs.

I couldn't fault him at all apart digging a big hole in the sand while I was watching the other dogs, he even jumped a medium jump which we forgot to put down.

Friday night I took him training as usual and was just going to do a couple of things but he didn't seem tired at all after the morning and although he couldn't resist the interesting smells in some places he was much, much better and we had great fun.

I think he'll always find it hard to resist the smells at Fordcombe but hopefully as he get's more mature and experienced things will improve.

We're off to C Side tomorrow and I'm hoping there are no piles of horse poo to distract him. Watch this space.............................

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Anonymous said...

Don't keep us in suspense. How was C-sides?

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