Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Training on Mondays is always really good fun and we always get there early to watch the 'big boys' or girls in this case going through their paces and boy are some of the courses Mac sets them hard. They nearly always make it look so easy too and if we're lucky someone has had a successful weekend and we get to eat the cakes and chocolate they bring!

Last night I took Dudley, who really enjoyed himself which was great, and we were working on pushing them over the contacts but under control. We started off with a real blast all the way round the edge, running the contacts and really geeing them up THEN we had to do it again but stop them on the contacts. Dudley was so excited that only by using the rugby tackle technique was I able to actually get him to stop then he decided that what I obviously wanted was running like a mad thing over the jumps and up the contacts but really slowly down so I resorted to just running them again. I also stopped on a really good run leaving him wanting more so which seems to keep him keen for next week.

Leah's Hex is really growing and towers over Thomas now but does still have a very funny looking tail, I'm sure collies shouldn't have little, whippy, curly ones!

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