Monday, 12 November 2007

WAG show 11/11/07

Not about Thomas but Suzi today. They all came with my to Minnis Bay yesterday but Suzi was the only one competing as Dudley is taking a complete break at the moment. I would love to say that we came back with loads of rosettes and trophies but that would be a fib as Suzi was a bit wild in the agility, not listening in the jumping and down right naughty in the helter skelter (although Mac pointed out that it wasn't her but me!) Speed, or lack of it, was not an issue as she was flying in all the courses she did in fact she went into mid air over the A frame which was how we managed to get the contact as she landed on it. We weren't so lucky with the dog walk and she missed it by a mile although I thought it was a bit hard of Leah to fault us as we were only about 6 inches away from it. She did a a lovely jumping course until near the end where we had to cross a box and I said 'Suzi, here' and she completely ignored me and jumped straight through the finish, THREE JUMPS FROM HOME, I couldn't believe it, the little monster. She then made things worse in the helter skelter by running straight past the collapsible tunnel and I know I was shouting "tunnel, tunneeeelll" in slightly hysterical tones. Mac said it was my fault as I know she can be a bit erratic about whether she does them or not and I should have made sure she was in before I ran off. God I hate it when he's right.

I try to be cross with Suzi when she goes a bit wild but I only have to look at her face when we've finished and have to laugh. Well wouldn't you if you saw this little thing going over the finish at practically full height with a huge grin on her face.

As you can see she really suffers from a tear stained face but since this picture was taken I've tried a new product I've found called Eye Envy whish really works (I've tried loads of things believe me) and someone told be yesterday of something they found at Paws in the Park that you add to their food so I've had a google and ordered some today so hopefully if you see her at shows next year she will have a lovely white face.

They boys and I went to the beach at lunch time and had a really bracing walk, it was so windy that Tom nearly got blown off the sea wall and even Dudley was relieved when we got back to the car.

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