Monday, 5 November 2007

On Saturday the boys and I went to visit my friend Karen and her border terriers Billy and Daisy to have a play doing some weaves and some contacts on her dog walk. Daisy really doesn't like poor Dudley so we have to keep them seperated but she has taken a fancy to Thomas.
I took my weave guides to show Karen how good they are and we had a long discussion on how good they are for starting training weaves but we found that Daisy just stopped as she hit one and we didn't want to put her off so we just used them for Thomas who whizzed through like a pro and then decided that once we'd taken them off he was going to do a set of 12 weaves on his own.
We then did 5 minutes of contacts and took some photos so we could see what the dogs were doing. Here are some shots of Tom coming down onto the contact. I'm somewhere way back as he's far to quick for me and it was a standing start which I'm crap at.

We also went for 2 lovely walks, Dudley had a whale of a time because I didn't make him do any agility and he got to explore some new places.


Anonymous said...

Good photos.
Accuracy is such a hard thing to achieve and you have nailed it! Look at those accurate contacts!
Accuracy is so much harder to achieve then speed! Well done to you.

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

Thanks very much, he's really got the idea hasn't he?

Hudsondoglets said...

He certainly has! Looking good.

Anonymous said...

Next time do one better.. get a video!!!
How nice to have a friend that lets you use her equipment like that. Wish i had that opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Just saw your photographs, they are really very good... is it your own camera that captured them?

If you dont mind me asking; which make and type of camera have you used?
I expect you recommend it very highly!!!

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

I have an Olympus digital SLR, just bought it and am still getting used to it but Yes I think it's very good.

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