Friday, 2 November 2007

Too clever by half

Wednesday night's training was the last of an introductory 6 week course at Sevenoaks and all of the dogs have been invited to carry on which is great. As a taster of things to come and to show the handlers what they and their dogs have learnt Mac made us all do a very straight forward up and down agility course (I've put a plan at the end). The weaves were V'd and the dog walk and A frame were very low and I have to say that the dogs that had done no agility before the course were brilliant and all managed to get round as well as and actually better than those of us who had done stuff before.
Thomas did the whole course really well until after 11 I assumed that he would go over 12 as my arm was out so said 'tunnel' and he nipped past the jump and straight in the tunnel. I just carried on and finished as it was my mistake and not his but it just shows that he's a sharp one and I wont be able to assume anything with him!! His contacts are really coming on and with the A frame I said 'Go' as soon as his all of his feet had touched the contact and 'whoosh' he was gone.


Hudsondoglets said...

He's a little star in the making!

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

The more I do the more I agree with you.

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