Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Jump heights

There is a debate taking place on the Agility Addicts forum about the need for a 4th jump height for the smaller large dogs which is very interesting but as usual biased towards large dog handlers which is a shame as I think the problem ranges across all the height bands. Dudley is a small medium who doesn't struggle with the height but being half the length of a lot of the dogs he runs against he just hasn't got the speed and I think the inclination to do well so if he's not in ankle biting mode we may get a nice clear but out of time as the course times are getting tighter and tighter. I'm not going to whinge and moan about the rights and wrongs but I will probably look at doing more UKA shows as he jumps at the old 'mini' height and seems to enjoy this a bit more and I will also only enter him for 1 class a day at KC shows as he is one of those dogs that does it because I want him to rather than it being the be all and end all of his life. Suzi, on the other hand, always jumps huge and would probably do a whole course at full height if I asked her to which isn't bad for an 11" white, fluffy thing and may benefit from doing the smaller jumps at UKA as she might start jumping smaller over the jumps at KC shows. UKA may benefit Thomas too as he can start as a Beginner and get the benefit of nice straight forward courses as well as Steeplechase to help build up his confidence and speed without me panicing over weaves.

So after me waffling on the conclusion is that I may do more UKA shows with a few KC shows next season rather than the other way round and then see how things go from there.

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Hudsondoglets said...

I agree Paula. Thing is however much you tweak stuff things will always be better for some than others.

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