Thursday, 6 August 2009

I suppose that'll teach me

At the DARL finals all the finalists got a bag of Supadog Active which was very generous of the sponsors. Mine's been sitting around since then as I don't feed my dogs that brand but last night I decided to mix it in with what was in the feed bin so chucked it in and swirled it all around and then gave it to the boys for dinner, they seemed to like it but within 10 minutes Tom was practically bouncing off the walls and when we went to bed spent 20 minutes jumping on the bed like a trampoline.

Now I read the ingredients and looked at the protein levels and really thought it would be fine but perhaps I should have known better seeing the different colours used. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the food and I know lots of people feed it to their dogs and to be fair Dudley was totally unaffected but it's obviously not the right thing for Tom so now I've got to buy another bag of Burns for Tom and just let Dudley finish what's in the bin as I'm not going to sift through the whole lot.

If anyone does feed their dogs Supadogs Active I have another small bag going for nothing.

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