Wednesday, 29 July 2009

All quiet on the Western Front

Not really very much happening at the moment, we didn't go to a show at the weekend as the closest was Agility Club and as the classes weren't very good for my dogs this year I gave it a miss and just had a weekend of chilling out.

Dudley was very funny at the weekend when we met a woman and her three collies in the wood, I was hanging back as I didn't really want to catch her up but she waited for me so I thought it would be rude not to walk with her but did warn her that Duds can be a protective of Tom and as she had a young dog who was really in your face I thought I might be diving in to retrieve him. To start with the youngster kept poking Dudley with his foot which he was not impressed by and kept going all stiff legged with his tail straight up and grumbling but the collie was persistant and unfazed and just kept coming back for more (to me that shows some collies aren't the sharpest tool in the box!)I have to say the towards the end of the walk he must have worn Dudley down because the next thing I knew Dudley was rolling about with this dog as if they'd known each other all their lives and he and Tom played chase with it for ages.

It's the last training night until September tonight and after this weekend no shows for three weeks so the dogs get a complete break from agility for a while, I always try to give them August off as the season is so long and I think a break does them good so lots of long walks and chilling out.


I hear that Crocs have gone into administration :(

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