Friday, 29 May 2009

If only he'd had a camera

Dad went into the garden yesterday to see why the dogs were all barking, not just general barking but deep big dog barking, and witnessed something that would have probably made me some money if only he's had the video camera :)

There was a large cat sitting on the gatepost teasing the dogs but got cocky and decided to walk along the top of the gate but wasn't expecting the gate to move slightly when hit by an angry dog, everything would have been fine if it had fallen outside the gate but it over balanced inwards and landed on Tom who proceeded to scream as if his back had been broken. The cat took off towards the house with Suzi and Dudley in hot pursuit, Tom was still screaming, it shot under a small seat and straight up the fence, Suzi got under the seat but got stuck, and then fell back into the garden ran down the path and over the fence at the bottom with Dudley slightly too slow to react. All this time Tom was still screaming but also running to join the fray but too late to be any help.

It was all over very quickly but gave Dad the best laugh he's had for ages and Tom was non the worse for being landed on by a large cat. I think the news may have got around that you can make the ginger dog scream as there was another cat in the garden this morning but left when it saw Dad.

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