Thursday, 28 May 2009

Go means run fast Mum

I think that I may be confusing Tom with my release and weave entry command, nothing new there really, and when I say 'Go' or 'go weave' it means something different to Tom than it does to me. I think I've taught Tom that 'Go' means run really fast and jump anything in the way and not what I thought it meant which was 'you can now get up and jump the jumps' or 'look for the weaves'. Now I know a lot of people would say that they aren't that clever and they wouldn't think like that but why else would he sit at the start and on the dog walk keen as mustard and twitching to get started and then not actually move when I say 'go' but if I say it as he comes down the dog walk he'll power down and zoom off? 'Go weave' is the same sort of thing the 'go' seems to cause some confusion and missing of entries so at the weekend and at training last night I just said 'Tom, weave', I put the Tom in to get him to slightly look at me so the entry wasn't dead straight, this worked quite well and I will endeavour to remember not to shout 'go weave' in an excited manner at the weekend.

Now to the release command....Well last night I used OK as this seems to trip off the tongue quite well and is easily remembered BUT can also be used at the wrong time like when your instructor is talking to you and you say 'OK' to intimate that you've understood them which is why I don't usually use it but it worked as did 'come' when we did a wait.

I must be a dog trainer extrodinaire as I've also taught Suzi that 'look' means jump right over the white bit and Dudley that 'get off' means bite my ankles as much as you like and 'get down' means jump up the person in front of you and cover them in mud.

On the plus side of last night Tom had no hesitation in running across the dog walk and over the A frame and did some really nice pull throughs which is not something we always get right and I also learned that blind pickups out of a tunnel with him can be a bit scary when a small ginger bullet appears as I'm starting to cross the tunnel entrance.

Looking forward to UKA at the weekend.

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