Monday, 23 March 2009

Weave training

Luckily Sharon Eldridge had two spaces come up in her weave training session on Saturday so Wendy and I took Woody and Tom. The weather was gorgeous and even though the sat nav seemed to take us the scenic route we got there in plenty of time.

Tom was quite sniffy but as we were outside for the first time I excused him this time and just tried to work him through it which seemed to work, I also tried the patented Card call of 'get 'ere' when he ignored my nice 'waz sis' and have to say this seemed to make him actually look at me and come quicker (something to use as last resort in the future perhaps)

Although he didn't always get the entry I was hoping for he was always looking for the weaves when I said 'weave', I've been saying 'yeah' when he gets the entrance but I noticed that he came out whenever I said it so Sharon suggested saying nothing after the initial command only encouraging him once he was weaving.

I really enjoyed the training even when I fell over the tunnel cradle, which I'm sure jumped out and hooked itself round my foot, and landed with a thump.

Trevor Greenslade was there and took loads of photos, I've added the link to his site as I don't want to publish them on here until I have persmission from him, sure he wont mind be putting the link though.

Tom's weave training

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