Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring - is it here or just teasing us?

Now the evenings are getting lighter the dogs get to have an off lead walk after work and you would think they haven't been off lead all winter instead of just since the morning, I think it's because they get to go out in the woods after work and not the local football pitch. I have just enough time to get round before it gets too dark and it's lovely to watch them dashing about having a sniff and not so lovely seeing them in the distance throw themselves down to have a roll in something. The only problem is that Dudley decides that dashing off into the undergrowth just as it's getting dusky is what I want him to do and that I wont mind standing in a dark wood while he finishes his look about.

The leaves are starting to come out on the trees and the birds are singing their little hearts out which brings me to my question - is this it or are we going to have to prepare for snow at Easter again? I hope Spring is finally here and that we get a dry summer this year, not too hot please but dry at least.

The other evening Tom found something to sniff and I carried on walking as normal, usually he catches up quickly but the sniff must have been very interesting because I got quite a long way away before he decided to follow. I hid behind a tree, which I do a lot but usually get found very quickly, and waited for quite a while until I heard him come running along the path and I was expecting him to stop as I wasn't that well hidden but he carried on at full speed dashing past Dudley and disappearing round the corner and I got there just in time to see him running flat out into the distance. He eventually stopped after I called him a couple of times and came dashing back but the look on his face made me feel awful as he looked so worried.

Where I work there is a lake and a couple of swans have taken up residence, the male is really aggresive and if you walk near the lake it comes charging across and it's wings make a whistling noise which is really quite intimitating, I'll try and get some video of it.

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