Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I've bought the dogs a Dog Brick which has doors that slide and you can put treats underneath them and let the dogs work out how to get at them. I'm going to try it tonight and judging by reponses I got last night when I was doing some clicker training with all three (not together) I think Tom will get the idea the quickest, Suzi will eventually understand but after she's tried to get me to open the door by looking sweet and blond and Dudley will dive in like a bull in a china shop and try and pick the whole thing up.

The wobble cushion above is the same as the one I have to do Tom's exercises on, he has to stand with his back legs square on the cushion while I nudge him gently off balance we have built up to 2 minutes a day every other day now. This is to encourage him to use the muscles in his back legs and he's actually quite good now so fingers crossed as we have an appointment with Julia at Galen on Thursday so I'm hoping she's going to say things are getting better.

I make Duds and Suzi do it too, but they are so well balanced it's hard to nudge them off balance now, only last night Suzi had other ideas and promptly jumped off and dragged it into her bed.

I don't make them stand on the nobbly side but I've found that if I do I can really feel a tingly sensation up my legs.

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Hudsondoglets said...

The wobble cushion played a big part in Poppy's rehabilitation. Plus they are fun for the dogs to perform tricks on. We have the blue one too!

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