Monday, 12 January 2009

Had to chuckle on Saturday - I took the dogs to Oldbury Woods which is our usual weekend haunt and a place Dudley knows like the back of his hand and had got two thirds of the way round when I got a phone call. A man told me that he'd found a very tired little dog who seemed upset and unable to stand up, the only dog missing was Dudley and he'd been gone 2-3 minutes so I hadn't even called him so was very suprised that he could apparently be so tired. We worked out that we were heading in the same direction but on paths about 200 yards apart so agreed to meet where the paths crossed, I got there and a couple of minutes later this couple with a Newfie came round the corner with the man carrying Dudley who when he saw me looked very sheepish and came running when he was put down. I thanked the couple profusley as I did really appreciate them calling me but laughed to myself and out loud all the way back to the car as I could just see Dudley coming across the Newfie and going into submissive mode then convincing the couple that he had been abandoned in the woods for hours and was exhausted, apparently he had 'perked up' when the woman got her treat bag out.

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Ulla said...

Hahaha, what a character he is. Great story :)

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