Monday, 22 December 2008

Thought I'd better update Tom's blog as it's been 10 days but have to say haven't got much to write really. Tom continues to improve and I took him training on Thursday where we did some little bits and carried on with the stopping every 3-4 obstacles and playing/treating. I'm really pleased with him at the moment and will be taking him back to see Julia in January.

Wednesday night was party night at Sevenoaks and we had our end of year competition with an agility, a jumping and a helter skelter. The courses were challenging and included putting in to practise the stuff we've been doing this term. I ran Dudley who was a bit over excited and we ended up with 2 E's because a) he wasn't listening and b) I assumed he would jump the long jump and not go round it to get to the tunnel :) Suzi was a little angel and came 1st overall in the agility, we did get an E in the jumping but it was my fault for looking at the finish jump as we went past instead of the jump we were supposed to be doing. The helter skelter was a proper helter skelter spiralling out from the middle and the people that do KC shows were all grumbling away to themselves as I'm sure they were expecting the sort of the thing they see at a show, you know the one just a jumping course with perhaps a circle in it somewhere, so were all moaning saying that they were going to get lost.

I'm going to stay with Dad for Christmas which will be very quiet I'm sure, Mum was the one for Christmas and used to go to town with presents and food but I've just got a few small treats in and am doing roast beef on Christmas day. The dogs will get lots of walks and I'm hoping it goes back to being cold and frosty.

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Ulla said...

Merry Christmas, Paula. I hope you will have some quiet and peaceful days :)

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