Friday, 12 December 2008

This weekend

Leah is holding another of her ANJU training shows tomorrow and although I'm not running my dogs I'm going to help and am at the moment brewing some of my Fordcombe Famous mulled wine to warm the cockles of the competitors hearts, I'm doing two brews an alcholic one and a non alchoholic one so hopefully everyone can have some. The weather looks like it's going to be awful tomorrow so let's hope it doesn't put anyone off.

Can't believe Christmas and Olympia will all be over in 2 weeks time and I haven't even written any cards yet, must sit down and make an effort as I'm really naughty about cards and I wont see anyone after next week.

Still doing my exercises with Tom and after reading about Hannah's course last weekend I might ask her for some more as I'm sure they will compliment Julia's. Tom and I have been on one of these courses and really enjoyed it although he was really unhappy on the wobble boards so I haven't pushed him to do iit even though a friend's husband made me a small one.

Schedules for the start of the season have started coming out in the net and I'm struggling to not enter any especially as I still haven't decided what to do with Dudley. I have been taking him training with Mac on Wednesdays in Tom's places and he's been working so well that I haven't been able to get to the places I normally can with him but I know that when we get to a show he will probably start biting me again but to be honest I don't think I'm ready for Allsorts with him yet but might do more in the Summer once I've seen what he gets up to.

Oooo smells like the first batch of mulled wine is ready.


OBay Shelties said...

Hi Paula, I will miss your mulled wine....
Hugs to the boys,
Lots of love,Bernadette

Karen said...

I wish I was coming I LOVE mulled wine....... have a good day x

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