Thursday, 28 August 2008

Ears really bleed don't they?

Last night on our walk my friend's young collie was totally obsessed with Dudley and kept rounding him up and staring at him, you know how they can be, and poor Dudley was getting more and more p****d off as he wanted to go hunting and couldn't get away. Well by the end of the walk he'd had enough of being stared at from about 4 inches away and jumped on Freddie who managed to bite his ear so not only was there a lot of noise there was a lot of blood and trying to grab a terrier is like trying to catch wet soap. It was nothing really and neither dog seemed that upset, apart from Freddie not liking the blood on my hands, and both just carried on as if nothing had happened. What suprised me was the reaction of the other dogs, one tried to put herself between them as if to day 'Now, now boys' another just took one look and carried on walking and Suzi and Tom just looked on.

I'm not really sure what to do about Freddie's obsession as Dudley does nothing to give him the impression he likes him and normally grumbles at him if he comes to close so it seems that treating him mean is keeping him keen :)

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