Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I've decided to take a couple of weeks off from training with Tom as I think I'm in danger of giving him agility overload which is why I think he was so distracted at the weekend. It wont do him any harm and he will still get to play at Axstane so we will be having lovely walks in the woods instead where Dudley can really enjoy himself chasing whatever it is he thinks is there and Tom and I can amble along the paths until Dudley decides to come back. I know an out of sight dog is an out of control dog but after 6 years I've given up and he's usually only a few yards away anyway as I can hear his bell and the crashing he makes through the undergrowth.

Suzi has the DARL final on Friday and I'm only running her in that so I'm going to leave the boys with their Grandad and enjoy the day with her even if she seems to have forgotten that contacts have to be touched and not jumped over.

Had some retail therapy at lunchtime and bought myself an actual dress!


OBay Shelties said...

I have always said that if it gets to the point where I do not love playing agility with my dogs or them with me; I will just stop. Nothing is forcing me to do it, I don't make a living out of it(except for my finger pointing royalties) and my dogs would be just as happy going for walks. I stopped breed showing for that reason; I did not enjoy it. Agility I must admit I still LOVE!

So definitely take a break! If you miss it; it is worth coming back to. :-)

Paula said...

Oh please don't get me wrong we still love agility just I think I may have overdone the training last week and I want him to carry on enjoying it.

Finger pointing royalties on the way as I had to use them in more than one class at the weekend.

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