Monday, 26 May 2008

Well once again the weather has had a major impact on Supadogs with the unfortunate outcome of the whole show being cancelled from Monday onwards. This is such a shame but at least I got 2 days of the show. I've decided that next year I'm not going to enter and use the money to go to weekend show that I haven't done before. It's just so big and so spread out that I can't seem to relax and feel so stressed out that I don't feel that I can work my dogs as well as I'd like. The fact that Dudley was back to biting me and that Tom missed five out of six weave entries proves this to me. I'm trying not to worry about Tom and his weaves as I'm sure we'll get back on track but can't help having the niggly voice in the back of my mind which is telling me we've lost it and it'll never come back :)

Now contacts were another thing completely, while Dudley and Suzi seemed to take great pleasure in missing them Tom worked his little socks off and was fantastic and seemed to be doing what Nancy discovered on Thursday. I want to do a couple more shows to be positive but it appears, at the moment, that if I say go as he starts to come down the dog walk he doesn't leap off but runs straight through, I may have inadvertantly and unknowingly discovered the perfect way to train a running contact, Yeah right let's wait til the next few shows before getting too cocky as no doubt I'll never get him to stop now :)

Suzi seemed to be back to normal on Sunday which is good as on Saturday I thought she was still not well as she was very slow in her jumping even though she was quite up for it in her agility but I've really got to work on her dog walk contact. I tried really working the contact using out contact command and I tried not saying anything and she still missed it. I'm not quite sure what to do as she gets them at training. Dudley was a good boy on Saturday and got two really nice clear rounds but on Sunday ankle biting b*****d was back. God this agility lark is hard work isn't it?

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